XynThi – Berlin, CTM Festival Vorspiel,

place: Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U), Berlin

Sound by Rafał Zapała – EMS Synthi VCS3, Max/MSP, multichannel audio
Video by Patryk Lichota – feedback video (no-input, cctv cameras) & analog video effects, X-ray photos

The name of the project is a combination of names of a cyclone (Xynthia), and a synthesizer (Synthi).
„Fierce winds of Xynthia, the cyclone that swept across Europe between 26 February and 1 March 2010, claimed no fewer than 65 lives. Of them, at least 53 people died in France, and the Prime Minister François Fillon referred to the cyclone’s aftermath as „national catastrophe”. Most victims drowned in swollen rivers and on the shore of the rough Atlantic. Ca. one million households in western France were left without electricity.”
We perceive Xyn Thi as an audio-visual network that comes into existence during the concert-installation. Acoustic and visual signals are permanently transmitted from one channel to the other, intertwining and mutually transforming each other to form a rhizome-like structure. Machines and people up make the elements of the network: the 1969 ‚Putney’ analogue synthesizer, Rafal Zapala, the XT (2010) – a set of Max/MSP patches that splits data streams in space and time, Patryk Lichota, and analogue video device installation Strange Loop (2012).

The OPENHAUS is a monthly public format in ZK/U, inviting audiences to get familiar with the hosted projects, as well as to participate in the processes of its residency programme.
This month’s OPENHAUS is part of the Vorspiel, the prelude festival to transmediale / CTM. You are invited to discover the artists’ works through videos showing the different materiality of clouds, take part in a conversational study group, as well as to stroll through a curiosity clothing shop, learn more on the manifesto of a newly born artists collective, and enjoy an experimental live concert in the basement.