NICOLETTE (fl, live elx)

03.12.2010 #score_live electronics

composed for Nicole Mitchell, commisioned by Made in Chicago Festival /skomponowany dla Nicole Mitchell na zamówienie festiwalu Made in Chicago

In this piece, I simply decided to write a theme. Bearing in mind that it is the timbral- textural aspect of music I am generally interested in, it was a challenge. In the end, I came up with an ordinary melody, somewhat melancholic, of the „autumn-in-a-small- desolate-jerkwater-town” type. I then asked improvisating musician – fabulous Nicole Mitchell – to interpret this Slavonic theme. I used the improvised part as formal framework for the composition. This way, I came up with acoustic material to witch I added Max/MSP treatments. Thus, what we have is a piece written in notes, precisely composed, one whose formal structure, however, is entirely based on improvisation.

Performances/ Wykonania

09/04/2016 – Narodowe Forum Muzyki, Musica Polonica Nova, Wrocław; wyk: Hanna Kinnunen (defunensemble)

23/04/2015 (violin ver.) – Lviv National Academy of Music, Vox Electronica 2015, Lviv; perf: Ostap Manko (vn), Rafał Zapała (elx)

16/04/2015 – Filharmonia Świętokrzyska, Kielce; wyk: Agnieszka Wolska-Ścipniak (fl), Rafał Zapała (elx)

14/03/2014 – Bing Concert Hall Studio, CCRMA Winter Concert, Stanford University; perf: Saniya Kishnani (fl), Zapała (elx)

06/12/2012 – Aula Nova, IV Międzynarodowe Forum Kompozytorów, Poznań; Andrzej Łęgowski (fl), Szymon Józwiak – (elx)

11/10/2011 (clarinet ver.) – Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, EMUFest – Festival di Musica Elettroacustica, Rome; perf: Massimo Munari (cl), Rafał Zapała (elx)

06/o5/2011 – Schloss Genshagen; perf: Klaus Schöpp (fl), Rafał Zapała (elx)

*3/12/2010 – Scena na piętrze, Made in Chicago Festival, Poznań; wyk: Nicole Mitchell (fl), Rafał Zapała (elx)

NICOLETTE         (fl, live elx)