F E E D E R 0 2 / S W E

Rävemåla Residency Program 2017, Rävemåla, Szwecja
01.07.2017 #dark ecology #installation

Feeder 02/SWE is a soundsculpture, that functions as a regular bird’s feeder. The inspiration of the work is drawn from Timothy Morton’s „dark ecology” ideas which claim that separation of nature and technology is a false, anthropocentric concept. Technology is a part of nature, humanity is a product of it with our whole culture, our tools and ideas.
The Feeder 02/SWE is meant to be a human intervention into the environment mostly occupied by non-humans. It looks „technical” (made from PC shell, black and little darkish, built from steel, plastic and electronics) and sounds like 80s’ synthesisers in a tribute to analogue Jupiter 8V and Oberheim’s SEM. It generatively plays slow and nostalgic phrases.
However the sculpture is a sensitive sensor that activate itself when touched (it triggers quiet strings’ pizzicatos when birds are pecking or rain in dropping).
But simultaneously it’s very carefully integrated, composed with land- and soundscape of the beautiful Rävemåla forest. It emits melancholic sounds with regular periods of time along with a synthetic voice speaking fragments of words – a kind of digital dada poetry. It mixes with birds’ singing, buzzing of bees and flies, howling of winter and drumming of rain drops just like wind-chimes always do without an aesthetically conflict. It’s meant to work no matter if any human is around, day and night as a part of environment.
I intend it to be my contribution to the place, like a trace of my presence here, where I have the right to be, where my home was for short time, where I left something which is not harmful and toxic. It’s rather a contact point between me (or other humans ) and other subjects of nature.
Rafał Zapała, July 2017



F E E D E R   0 2 / S W E F E E D E R   0 2 / S W E F E E D E R   0 2 / S W E