"....czyszczenie, odkurzanie, przecieranie, zcieranie tego co na powierzchni, tego co „na pierwszy rzut oka“, wydrapywanie spod spodu, wygrzebywanie z pamięci, z przeszłości...."

Wykonanie Mateusza Loski (kontrabas) i moje na MUSICACOUSTICA 2013 w Pekinie



"Cleaner" was performed by Mateusz Loska (2ble bass) and me at MUSICACOUSTICA 2013 in Bejing

"... cleaning, dusting, sweeping, wiping what is on the surface, what is on first glance,scratching up from underneath, raking out from memory, from the past..."

The piece commisioned by contemporary music festival: Poznan Music Spring 2013.

Written for double bass player Mateusz Loska, who performed it 10.04.2013 year.

I used percussion brush here for plaing instrument. I treat it mainly as acoustic piece – role of electronics is very sublte, hidden in background reverb.