XYN THI free harsh improvisation

This is quite new project inpired by Fullerton and Karkowski and my washing machine.

Technically it is improvisaton set done simulaneously on two levels:

1. The source: 

The VCS3 (nicknamed the Putney) is an analog monosynth housed in a distinctive angled wooden case, a truly classic synth. EMS (Electronic Music Studios) was created in England back in 1969 by Zinoviev. The VCS3 was one of their first synths and it is still a great, unique, funky little unit! Pictured above is the Mark I model. Pictured is another unit with the small wood-cased DK2 voltage-control keyboard required to play the VCS3 [WIKI].

Many of these EMS synth's have been used by Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Stereolab, Yes, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Jean-Michel Jarre, Astral Projection, Klaus Schulze, Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke, Add N to (X), The Who, Todd Rundgren, Recoil, Freddy Fresh, and many more.

And me now :)!!

2. Set of my Max/MSP patches that spreads and splits the source material by many different techniques, with quadrophonic projection.


Listen: (recorded 29.02.2012 at SEMeAMuz Electroacoustic Studio, Poznan)